BBC Storyville Prize

The jury has chosen my documentary film, ‘Motorbike Midwife’, for the BBC Storyville Prize for documentary narrative excellence at the CineGlobe film festival 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland.



Official Selection in Switzerland

My film ‘Motorbike Midwife’ has been selected in competition for CineGlobe 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. It will be from March 18th to 23rd 2014.



STS-Africa meeting

My film ‘Motorbike Midwife’ was selected at the STS-Africa meeting in Johanesburg, South Africa.
Name of the meeting is “Mapping: Science and Technology in Africa”—there was a film session and my film was there.
Dates were 13-15 Feburary, 2014.



Screening in Paris

My film ‘Motorbike Midwife’ is going to be screened in Paris, France. 
Ethnografilm Festival  
April 17 – 20th, 2014
@ Cine 13 Theatre (1 Avenue Junot)



More Awards from Indonesia

My film, ‘Motorbike Midwife’ got the Platinum Award of Best Newcomer Documentary Film & Gold Award of Best Director at the International Movie Awards in Jakarta, Indonesia.



Invitation from American Online Film Awards

‘Motorbike Midwife’ has got an invitation for screening from the American Online FIlm Awards’ 2014 Spring Showcase in New York, US.



Awards from Indonesian Festivals

Two Indonesian Film Festival gave awards to my film, ‘Motorbike Midwife’.  
- Platinum Award of Best Story, Best Director and Best Editing @ the Documentary and Short International Movie Award. 
- Golden Award of Best International Documentary @ World Film Awards. 

For celebrating my awards-winning, the World Film Awards will screening my film.  

11:15 – 11:45 on 2nd December 2013  
@ Russian Culture Centre in Diponegoro 12, Menteng, Jakarta



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